We Are Building More than Stories

COOK R., Jennifer

COOK R., Jennifer

What if?

Curious and adventurous by nature, my mind often tosses what-if's into the air. The confetti of questions fuels my efforts in finding various ways I can help others grow, live and succeed. With a lifetime of unique experiences, including 25 years of passion for strategic graphic design and illustration, I count myself blessed to have a creative gift to share and what-if's to ask. 

What if 1.32 million people donate $1.00 each to buy a building? What if we created a social media campaign called We Are Building More than Stories? What if that campaign raised enough money to buy a building to make dreams happen for the homeless in Montreal? It's these very what-if's that serendipitously transformed mere possibilities into a reality. We Are Building More than Stories is my "what if gift" to Mireille Chéry, CEO of F.I.S.H. Foundation in Montreal. With a building, she and her team can provide the homeless in Montreal an opportunity to ask: what if I could grow, live and succeed?

LALANDE, Mélanie

LALANDE, Mélanie

What distinguish me...

My experiences have allowed me to develop extensive expertise in management and coordination of projects of all kinds. I am known for my good sense of analysis, my loyalty, my great organizational capacities, as well as my versatility and my dedication.

My expertise lies mostly in social media, management, coordination, audiovisual / tv and film production, and in administrative support. I have a certificate in business administration - management, and customer service. I gained my experience through several domains and diverse businesses, touching several subjects that fascinate me in life in general.

I am proud to be a part of the team and to give a hand, since November 2013, to the foundation FISH Corporation. Everyone needs a good home to grow and evolve. No one is safe from becoming homeless. We must all be aware and conscious.

Help us make a difference!

Mélanie Lalande
F.I.S.H. Foundation
Web Strategist / Web community management



A recognized digital and content marketing expert, Annik LaRoche Bradford has gained extensive experience in translation, copy writing, marketing and strategic communications on which she relies to produce high-quality work and on-time deliverables.

Over the last 10 years, she has worked for such businesses as Tremblant, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton and Banff Lake Louise Tourism. In 2010, she created Attaché Communications and quickly became an invaluable partner for her many clients, many of them advertising, branding or content agencies.

One of the perks of self-employment is being able to set time aside for social causes that move us. Through We Are Building More Than Stories, Annik can give back to her community, sharing her expertise with others to help improve the condition of underprivileged people living in Montreal.

Annik holds a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Communications from University of Ottawa and a translation certificate from Université de Montréal. She takes great pleasure in turning ideas into content that is beautiful, professional and relatable.

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Dwain Richardson has always had a curiosity about language, leading him to learn French and Spanish during his primary and secondary school career. He went on to study Italian and Portuguese, and take courses in writing techniques and composition during his post-secondary studies. While Richardson was a student at the Université de Montréal, he had the opportunity to work for some federal departments and municipal administrations, including the Translation Bureau. The experience he gained propelled him to pursue a translation and written communication certificate at McGill University.

Richardson has been a freelance English editor, translator, and copywriter since 2013. Most of his projects come from individuals, small businesses, and not-for-profit organizations. 

Dwain has always supported artistic and social causes. When he heard about We Are Building More than Stories, he saw an opportunity to create original content about the most underprivileged in our society. Giving someone money is one way of giving back to society. Lending a voice is another way to contribute to others?and that's exactly what Dwain did during this campaign.
Freelance English Editor, Translator, Copywriter

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I grew up in Carmen de Patagones, the place where Argentina's Patagonia region begins.

When I was a child, simplicity served as my canvas for artistic expression and creativity.

I was gifted with parents whose encouragement led me to express myself in meaningful ways and to explore the world while enjoying life's simple treasures.

I pursued a program in advertising during my post-secondary studies. One of the subjects included photography. I discovered what my life's calling was after taking the first class.

Living in Europe gave me the opportunity to work on myself and find the best way to express my life stories since childhood?and that was through art and creativity. Since then, I have expanded my worldview, visiting and taking photos of Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

The camera has become my inseparable companion?a window to see the world.

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