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Meet Peter and Annisee

Meet Peter and Annisee. They've been in a relationship for a long time.

Annisee declined to talk about her life. Peter, however, spoke profusely, not giving us time to catch our breath or ask questions. Here's his story...

Peter has been homeless since 2000. He's been in and out of jail during the same period. Peter's family members live fifty kilometres away from Montreal, but he doesn't have any contact with them. At forty-two years of age, Peter looks healthy and is full of tattoos - some of them he got while incarcerated. In the past, however, he had many problems with marijuana and alcohol, costing him several jobs. Fifteen years after his liberation, Peter still has difficulty finding work.

Most underprivileged and homeless people ask for money, usually as a way to buy food. This couple was no exception. We gave Peter and Annisee fruit to eat.

Like most people we met, Peter was happy to hear about our campaign. "This is a great project! And you're a good man!" he said to our photographer.

As we talked to Peter, Annisee was sitting calmly and listening, always smiling when Peter smiled. What might Annisee have been thinking while Peter spoke about his misfortunes, his new life? What might Annisee's life had been like? Could we have pointed out similarities between Peter's life and hers, or might the stories have been completely different? Did Peter and Annisee find a roof? Do they now have a job?

You now know part of Peter's story. We are asking YOU, the citizens around the world, to tell the end of his story. Kindly donate $1, $2, $5, $8, $10, or more - any amount you can - to allow F.I.S.H. Foundation to provide suitable housing, mental health, food, clothing, education, and employment services for the homeless and other underprivileged people. Let's help them reintegrate into society to become responsible citizens like you and me.

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is officially auditing this fundraising campaign.


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