We Are Building More than Stories

Meet James

James was born and raised in Haiti. He came to Canada as a child. Sadly, he doesn't have family here or back home.

Like many other homeless or underprivileged people we met, James has been living on Montreal's streets for two years. We normally find him lying on cardboard in the Chinatown district - a place where tourists, businesspeople, and residents converge every day. In James's case, he lives in an alleyway, accustomed to the daily traffic noise.

James is a reserved soul. However, as we continued to talk to him, he opened himself to us and told us his story. This thirty-six-year-old used to have a regular job and go to school. "I was doing something good for myself" he said. Unfortunately, financial difficulties got a hold of him, making him unable to finish his postsecondary studies in urban planning. In addition, James had many health problems because of malnutrition. Today, he drank some juice and ate fruit.

When James heard about We Are Building More than Stories, he was ecstatic. Without hesitation, he gave us permission to take photos. Despite a difficult life, we discovered one of James's many talents: he enjoys writing. Perhaps he's writing about his ideal life. "If I had a normal life, I would work and live in better conditions" he confessed. This was hard to hear, since such a life should be typical for everyone. What a heartfelt confession!

You now know part of James's story. We are asking YOU, the citizens around the world, to tell us the end of his story. Kindly donate $1, $2, $5, $8, $10, or more - any amount you can - to allow F.I.S.H. Foundation to provide suitable housing, mental health, food, clothing, education, and employment services for the homeless and other underprivileged people. Let's help them reintegrate into society to become responsible citizens like you and me.

Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton is officially auditing this fundraising campaign.

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