• Becoming a partner

    Becoming a partner of F.I.S.H. Corporation is a tangible gesture to help those struggling with homelessness and poverty. Thanks to the commitment of decision-makers and relationship builders like you, who influence their respective communities, many people will have the chance to reintegrate into and take an active part in society once again.

    Becoming a partner


    Partners who join F.I.S.H. Foundation project will receive a two-year membership for free to the very first private international virtual networking club:

    100% of your Volunteering Contributions through paid memberships will be donated to F.I.S.H. Foundation.

    We appreciate your support!

  • Wall of Superstars

    In addition, all our partners will have their names included on the Wall of Superstars. Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest in becoming a F.I.S.H. Corporation partner.

    We are grateful to and would like to thank all our partners who have already contributed to the realization of the F.I.S.H. Corporation's projects.

    Wall of Superstars

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